Quick Start Guide

Electronic gadgets often come with a Quick Start Guide, also known as, “If you won’t read the instruction manual, at least read this one page, you lazy bum, before you break something.”

SO... if you don’t want to read all of this lovely yet annoying web site, here’s the minimum you need to know to have fun at Gran Fondo Catskills.

What’s the Date?

Saturday August 24, 2019

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices start at $275 and vary depending on the options you select.

How Long Are the Rides

30 miles/1765' of climbing

55 miles/3700' of climbing

70 miles/5100' of climbing

100 miles/7500' of climbing

125 miles/9200' of climbing

How Do I Get to and From the Ride?

You can get to and from on your own, or take our optional transportation for your bike and you.  

What If It Rains?

We all get wet.  Having said that, we DO offer optional rain insurance.


There is no charge for children spectators.  If they want to eat food is avilable for purchase at the ride. If your child is pedaling and climbing 5,000' that ain't no child -- that's a prodigy and they pay full price.