Ditch Your Spouse, Sweetie, or Kids


I love my spouse.

And I love my kid.

But what if you have a great partner who doesn't ride? Or kids who are not quite ready for the big miles?

Maybe they're not so keen on you vanishing for the weekend, then coming home with chain grease marks.

I do believe that you are overdue to have some fun. Without them.

We have a plan for you.

Bring the spouse.  The boyfriend. The girlfriend.

Bring the kids.  ALL the kids!

While you're out on the road, there is rafting, kayakng canoeing, and tubing available right at the start finish line, and we've negotiated discount prices for them. They can sign up during online registration.

Paddling not their thing?

Nearby is the new huge indoor water park, The Kartrite.  You can buy a day pass just for the water park, or book a hotel room there.

Maybe they prefer the Resorts World Casino (which also has hotel rooms).

The Museum at Bethel Woods, on the site of the orignal Woodstock rock festival is right on the cycling route.

Right around the corner from the museum, all cyclists stop at the great Catskills Distilling Company, right next to the Dancing Cat Sallon.  Send the family there to enjoy lunch (and maybe a drink or two) and they can catch up with you whenver you arrive.

"Honey, I'll be right back... in a hundred miles or so..."